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Grant Application

  • Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Goshen Community Schools Foundation is to encourage and support creativity, innovation, and excellence that furthers opportunities for the educational community.

    Grants provide funding through community support, to the educators of Goshen Community schools for the creation and implementation of enriching academic opportunities for students of Goshen Community Schools. Goshen Community Foundation funds are not intended to be used either to provide for those portions of the educational program that are the responsibility of the public through the annual district budget, or to replace items of the educational program that would be eliminated as the result of a contingency budget. For example, they are not meant to furnish or upgrade equipment. Equipment can be requested, but the focus of the project must be instructional and impact student learning.



    • Positively impact learning
    • A tie to student need
    • Skills that will benefit students
    • Reflect current research on best practices in teaching and learning
    • Are different than projects that have been funded through the GCS budget
    • Include a thoughtful evaluation plan

    Creativity and Innovation

    • Student experiences beyond the typical classroom experiences
    • Innovative and creative ways of learning
    • Encourage collaboration


    • Achievable student learning goals
    • Achievable schedule
    • A plan of assessment of student learning
    • Can be replicated and/or extended beyond initial participants
    • A clear budget

    General Requirements

    Applications – Completed grant applications should be submitted to the Goshen Community Schools Foundation. Grant money being requested should fall in the range of $500-$5000. Goshen Community Schools Foundation requests that grants requiring less than $500 be requested on www.donorschoose.org.

    Deadline – Completed applications must be received by May 15 and October 15, annually.

    Completeness – Application must be typed. Each section must be completed and each question fully answered with appropriate evidence. Goshen Community Schools Foundations reserves the right to refuse consideration of any application which does not follow these guidelines.

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