Turning Dreams into Reality


Goshen Community Schools Foundation is pleased to partner with area teachers to provide funding for the creation and implementation of enriching academic opportunities for students of Goshen Community Schools.  Grants are due to Goshen Community Schools Foundation by May 15 and October 15, annually. Grant money being requested should fall in the range of $500-$5000. Grants requiring less than $500 should utilize the www.donorschoose.org website for funding.

Applications criteria:


  • Positively impact learning
  • A tie to student need
  • Skills that will benefit students
  • Reflect on current research on best practices in teaching and learning
  • Are different than projects that have been funded through the GCS budget
  • Include a thoughtful evaluation plan

Creativity and Innovation

  • Student experiences beyond the typical classroom experiences
  • Innovative and creative ways of learning
  • Encourage collaboration


  • Achievable student learning goals
  • Achievable schedule
  • A plan of assessment of student learning
  • Can be replicated and/or extended beyond initial participants
  • A clear budget


Grants awarded:

  • IB Freshmen Experience trip to Ball State
  • GHS Academic Honors program
  • GHS Music Department
  • GHS Athletic Department, including the Unified Track team
  • GHS Super Mileage Club and engineering technology programs
  • GHS and GMS ESports Clubs
  • GHS Redhawks Robotics Club
  • GHS German Club
  • GHS Talon and student media programs
  • GHS GTV program
  • GHS Science Department
  • GHS Business Department
  • GHS Attendance Initiative
  • GHS Cadet Teaching
  • GJHS Competition Theatre Class
  • 3-D printers for GHS & GMS
  • Classroom books for GMS and GCS elementary
  • GMS Academic Superbowl
  • GMS math and science classrooms
  • GMS E3 program
  • GMS robotics and coding
  • GMS Music Department
  • Major Saver Card grants for GMS extracurricular activity funding
  • Elementary music programs, including xylophones for Chandler music education
  • Joint grant with United Way for Minds & Motion training for GCS Elementary teachers
  • GCS elementary CLASS leadership program
  • Elementary field trips
  • Major Saver Card grants to Elementary PTO grants for student programs
  • Chandler robotics program and maker space
  • Chandler Legos program
  • Chandler/GHS weather balloon launches
  • Model Sensory pathway
  • Parkside robotics and coding
  • Parkside CLASS program
  • Parkside Playground memorial donation
  • Prairie View IB media and maker space
  • Prairie View Strive program
  • Prairie View Conscious Discipline
  • Waterford indoor recess classroom supplies
  • Waterford STEM kits

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